Since the group's inception in Paris, Batalá organizations have sprung up all over the globe in countries as diverse as Brazil, England, Spain, Wales, Argentina, Portugal, and Mexico. In the United States, Batalá Washington DC was founded first (2007), followed by Batalá New York City (2011), Batalá San Francisco (2012), Batalá Houston (2013), Batalá Los Angeles (2013), and Batalá Durham (2015). Each sister contingent is self-organized and self-governed, and uses the shared artistic and cultural platform of Batalá to connect across multiple nations and to serve the unique needs of their local communities.

The international movement—comprising more than 1000 drummers—shares the musical arrangements composed by Gonçalves, as well as graphics, themes, costumes, and dance movements. The common musical and artistic repertoire facilitates members' participation in Batala events all over the world, including carnaval in Salvador, Brazil, where Batala members join our sister bloco afro, Cortejo Afro. In the last three years, Batalá SF members have traveled to Brazil, England, Washington DC, New York City, Los Angeles, and most recently, Mexico City and Tepoztlan, Mexico, to perform with other Batalá Mundo drummers in local Dia de los Muertos festivities. 

Batalá Mundo transcends differences in language, nationality, ethnicity, age, and gender to form one body, one song, one mission. 

Batala Athens, Greece

Batala Badajoz, Spain

Batala Bahia, Brazil

Batala Bangor, Wales

Batala Barcelona, Spain

Batala Bermo, Wales

Batala Brasilia, Brazil

Batala Bristol, UK

Batala Baires, Argentina

Batala Geneva, Switzerland

Batala Gwada, Guadeloupe

Batala Houston, USA

Batala Johannesburg, South Africa

Batala La Rochelle, France

Batala Lancaster, UK

Batala London, UK

Batala Los Angeles, USA

Batala Massif, France

Batala Mendoza, Argentina

Batala Mersey, UK

Batala Mexico City, Mexico

Batala Nantes, France

Batala New York City, USA

Batala Paris, France

Batala Portsmouth, UK

Batala Tepoztlan, Mexico

Batala Tilburg, Netherlands

Batala Vienna, Austria

Batala Washington DC, USA