We are proud to announce that Batalá Mundo Mestre Giba Goncalves has appointed our very own Executive Director, Mick Gardner, to the post of Communications Coordinator and Batalá Washington DC's Musical Director, Alison Rodden, to the position of Musical Coordinator of Batalá North America. Both Alison and Mick will continue their respective roles within their home groups, while assuming their new coordinating positions.

We look forward to growth and coordination for Batalá North America under their leadership and expertise. Alison brings to the position many years of experience and a wealth of knowledge she has accumulated as Musical Director of Batalá Washington DC. Mick co-founded Batalá San Francisco and has extensive professional experience in program development and management in the non-profit world.

Their task is to facilitate structural and musical communication, coordination, and cohesion between the North American Batalá entities, including Batalá Washington DC, Batalá NYC, Batalá SF, Batalá Houston, Batalá LA, and Batalá Mexico City.

We hope all Batalá North America and Batalá Mundo members will send Mick and Alison words of encouragement and support!!!!

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