39th Annual Carnaval San Francisco Parade

The 39th Annual Carnaval SF Parade is one of the largest multi-cultural events in California and takes place this year on Sunday, May 28th.

Following Carnaval San Francisco’s overarching theme "“El Corazón de San Pancho / The Heart of San Francisco” and alluding to our 2016 theme, Batalá SF's 2017 carnaval theme is: “Our Hearts Beat in Unity / Nossos Corações Batem em Unidade.”

This theme sums up our mission to build community and breach difference through music and dance. It speaks both to the activist tradition of the Bay Area (Free Speech Movement, Anti-War Movement, Black Panthers, United Farm Workers, etc.) and to its current role as a stalwart community of compassion and justice within an increasingly contentious political terrain.

Carnaval SF 2016, photograph by Mike Hendrickson


Batalá San Francisco is a community band that plays samba reggae, an Afro-Brazilian genre of music developed in Bahia, Brazil. Founded in 2012, Batalá San Francisco is comprised of approximately forty drummers and has fast developed a reputation for excellence. Led by Musical Director Sonia Pina, Artistic Director Deborah Valoma, and Production Director Jennifer Piehl, Batalá San Francisco is the Bay Area contingent of Batalá Mundo—the international drumming organization founded by Giba Goncalves in 1997. 


  • community events, street festivals, and parades
  • fundraisers and charity walks
  • educational institutions and corporate venues
  • concerts and sporting events
  • night clubs and private parties

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Download a Batalá San Francisco four-page brochure (PDF) HERE.

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Batala SF


  • May 27
    Carnaval San Francisco Festival 2017,  San Francisco
  • May 28
    39th Annual Carnaval San Francisco Parade,  Mission District, San Francisco
  • May 28
    Carnaval San Francisco Festival 2017,  San Francisco

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